Will Gen Xers Ever Be Able to Retire?

A look at how the MTV Generation will spend its golden years.

While everybody from grandparents to college grads has felt the burn from the Great Recession, Gen Xers have experienced the greatest wealth loss of any generational group. Reality bites indeed.

So what will happen when the MTV Generation reaches retirement age? According to a recent Pew Charitable Trusts study, researchers predict that Gen Xers are likely to face downward mobility in their golden years. Translation: Forget retiring to the McMansion and get used to the idea of living more economically. That may mean scaling back on spending after the regular paychecks stop coming.

According to the Pew study, many people — not just Gen Xers — have had to borrow from their retirement savings to stay afloat during these tough financial times. What’s troubling is that Gen Xers will have resources to replace only about half of that borrowed money before they reach traditional retirement age.


The study data clearly points to a lack of savings and wealth accumulation among Gen Xers, even before the economic downturn. But there may be hope: As policymakers focus their attention on American’s retirement security, particular consideration is being paid to help this generation change course and prepare for long-term financial security.

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